Housing market heats up as inventory decreases across county lines

Homes are getting picked off the market at record rates. The price for single-family homes soared nearly 10 percent in the last year.

The time to sell your home may be right now.

“It’s a good time to sell because inventory is low and it is a seller’s market,” said realtor Sue Goby.

Home prices are on the rise. Goby says right now, there aren’t enough homes on the market to meet demand.

They’re not staying on the market long, either. She says homes are steadily selling faster than in years past. And that’s driving up home prices and values across Charlotte County.

The median price for single family homes in Charlotte County was just under $190,000 in 2016. In 2017, the median was $206,000. That’s an eight point jump.

While the nearly nine percent hike could be enough to price some buyers out of the market, Goby says Charlotte County is still the most reasonably priced place to buy in Southwest Florida.

If you’re looking to buy, realtors say the best thing you can do is pre-qualify for a mortgage so you know exactly how much you can afford when you begin your search.

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