Bonita plane crash victim involved in other wrecks

The Bonita Springs plane crash on Monday that took Daniel Bernath’s life wasn’t his first crash according to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board.

Bernath crashed a small plane in 2013 in Oregon after running out of fuel, according to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board.

Documents show that Bernath tried to sue the plane company for not warning about what would happen if the plane was low on fuel, according to documents.

“I knew he crashed, but he never even really talked about it with me,” said Melanie Diferdinando, Bernath’s daughter. She says Bernath was a registered sport pilot and started flying in 2011.

“Mayday Mayday,” said Bernath right before the plane crashed in a wooded area near Bonita National Golf Club. The previous recorded conversation between Bernath and air traffic control was described as “odd” by flying experts.

Following his 2013 plane crash, he made some accusations including calling the American Legion domestic terrorists, according to court documents.

Several online pilot forums show he was under attack for his lack of flying expertise. Bernath was also under fire for claiming military honors he did not earn. Bernath himself admitted to having suicidal thoughts and taking prescription medications on these forums.

To get a sport pilot license you are not required to provide a medical certificate, according to a flying expert.

His daughter chose not to comment on these accusations but said the information paints him in a bad light.

“This plane crash was just shocking. It really kind of threw everyone for a loop,” Diferdinando said. “I feel he’s not that man, he was a good person and he was a good father and a good grandfather.”

This crash is still under investigation.

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