Glo Germ shows the importance of washing your hands

What you can’t see can’t hurt, right?

You don’t think about carrying germs or where you could be spreading them.

“With all the germs around and the flu season it’s a good idea to keep your hands clean, that’s the main thing,” said Paula Kamberos of 93X The Rock Alternative.

We tested three women working in a typical office setting at our sister radio station – 93X.

Each of them poured a small amount Glo Germ on their hands and arms, a harmless lotion that represents germs that can bee seen with a blacklight.

A few minutes later- we put them under a black light. The demonstration shows just where these employees were putting their hands.

“Every single spot in my office is infested by me,” Alex Gordon said, “I mean I knew you could spread germs easily but I did not realize there was that many germs and that many things I touch were going to have them spread onto them.”

Everything from your cell phone to you keyboard can all keep germs on their surface.

‘Sadie’ of 93X said, “It makes me want to make sure my hands are washed way more often and not touch anyone or anything cause I don’t want to get sick.”

Then we tested how to get rid of the germs. First we tried hand sanitizer, but it didn’t make any changes and you could see where there’s still fake germs.

Then we switched to soap and water. Much better results but you could see there were still fake germs there.

Clearly washing your hands is important but it’s about making sure you do it right.

The CDC recommends lathering for at least 20 seconds, making sure to get both sides of your hands, between your fingers and around your nails before rinsing.

It’s still one of your best defenses against all kinds of viruses this flu season.

Writer:Derrick Shaw
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