Deputies continue to investigate how motorcyclist was hit by stray bullet

One moment he was riding his motorcycle down a major road, the next he was lying on the side of the road with a bullet near his spine.

Now, 58-year-old Michael Gavin is fighting for his life.

No one at the scene near Zemel Road reported seeing anyone with a weapon. But neighbors said they heard loud gunfire all day.

Along a stretch of US 41, Gavin was struck by a bullet while riding his motorcycle. He was rushed to the hospital.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office say they’re investigating if the bullet came from someone’s target practice.

Firearm expert Jon Dezendorf says a stray bullet hitting you is extraordinarily rare. But some people here feel it was only a matter of time until an accidental shooting happened.

While the exact cause of the gunshot wound remains under investigation, Dezendorf says the consequences of ignoring firearm safety can be deadly.

“When it comes to firearms and it comes to safety, if you ignore any of your safety rules at any time, anything can happen,” he said.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says they still don’t have any suspects in this case. They also say they expect motorcyclist Michael Gavin to regain consciousness soon.

Reporter:Oliver Redsten