Coach’s Florida Stingrays program gives back to the community

One Lee County coach says not making a bowl game—or even making the cut for a pro team—shouldn’t stop adult athletes from continuing to compete. His program is working to better not only area athletes, but the community surrounding them.

“It’s a crazy world that we’re living in today, and a lot of people don’t have something where they can let go of a lot of the emotions they have bottled up inside. This is my outlet. I love football…this is my opportunity,” said Head Coach Chris Morant.

Southwest Florida is known for producing gifted athletes, but playing professionally also offers obstacles.

Morant offers an opportunity for athletes to continue competing. He coaches Lee County’s amateur football team, the Florida Stingrays.

The Stingrays were an undefeated 13-0 last season, but as high as their competitive goals are, their community goals are their highest priority.

Players often go out into the community to help kids navigate obstacles in their lives.

“We’ve got a lot of role models. (They’re) trying to make a difference in the community where there has been a lot of crime and things like that, so we want to be that light that comes in and says, ‘listen, we can make a difference.'” Morant said.

Reporter:Melinda Lee
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