Neighbors pitch in to help clean Imperial River

Published: January 17, 2018 8:18 PM EST

Residents around the Imperial River are pitching in to help clean up the Hurricane Irma storm debris.

Residents say that resources are limited, and that’s why they are coming together to help clean up the river.

“The only real solution to beating this flooding, we have to seriously, seriously increase water retention,” said Fred Forbes of District 6.

The city is working on purchasing land for water runoff usage, as well as fixing debris problems in the Imperial River.

But some neighbors believe waiting on the government to handle the clean up will take too long. So, residents are taking matters into their own hands.

“We’re not going to be able to rely on the government to get it done for us,” said Bonita Springs resident Jon Gottschamer. “We’re going to have to demonstrate that we have and are with all, and we can come together and do what is necessary to get the job done. Hopefully, then, the government entities, like the city of Bonita Springs, will come forward and say, ‘Thanks for helping, get our part of the job done.’ We’re willing to hear them out, and let’s finish it up.”

The Bonita Springs council will be meeting with Southwest Florida Water Management on Feb. 2 to continue discussing ways the city can improve on preventing future flooding.