Naples woman robbed during ‘OfferUp’ meet up

A woman who offered her Apple watch on a mobile application called OfferUp says she was robbed by a 16-year-old buyer.

May, who preferred not to share her last name, says she listed the watch on the app for $300 and instantly received a response.

The buyer asked to meet with May immediately.

“Normally, people would ask or a lower price but he just offered the $300,” May said. “He said he wanted to buy it right away, he said he wanted to see me at his place.”

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OfferUp is an application that allows users to browse sales listings, chat and arrange in-person meetings.

May drove to meet the buyer at Whistler’s Cover Apartments in Naples. As soon as the suspect approached her, May says he grabbed the watch and took off.

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“He put his hand inside my car and said ‘Can you put it on me? I want to see if it fits.’ So, I got the watch and I put it on top of his wrist,” Mays said.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office later arrested the 16-year-old boy, who will remain unidentified due to his age, who they say lives near the apartment complex where the robbery took place. The boy is accused of luring other online sellers and stealing their items.

Deputies offered the following advice when meeting with a stranger:

  • Meet at a public place.
  • Never go alone.
  • Always trust your instincts.

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