Freeze warning issued for parts of Southwest Florida

A freeze warning is issued for most of inland Southwest Florida.

This means we could see temperatures below freezing for a few hours overnight.

Affected areas include unland Charlotte and Lee Counties with the cities of Babcock Ranch, Fort Myers, and Lehigh Acres.

Temperatures are expected to reach between 28 to 32 degrees for around three hours in those areas.

Sub-freezing temperatures will be a danger for pets, livestock and sensitive vegetation.

The warning is issued from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. Friday.

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When cold weather is in the forecast, it is important to remember the “5 P’s of Cold Weather Safety.”

 The 5 P’s are:

Protect People: Remember to dress in layers and wear a hat and gloves. It is important to try to stay out of the wind and to stay dry. Also, remember to check on young children and the elderly who are the most sensitive to cold weather.

Protect Pets: If cold weather is in the forecast, be sure to bring outdoor pets inside or give them a warm shelter to stay in.

Protect Plants: Cover cold sensitive plants to protect them from the dangerous temperatures.

Protect Pipes: Cover pipes and allow outdoor faucets to slowly drip to prevent from freezing and breaking.

Practice Fire Safety: Use safe heating sources indoors. Do not use fuel-burning devices such as grills; they release carbon monoxide, which is a deadly gas. Also, make sure to use space heaters according to their instructions and be attentive to open flames.

Writer:Derrick Shaw
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