The 100 calories of Christmas cookies

From now until the New Year, it seems we’re surrounded by festive foods and sweets.

Even the cookies on your supermarket shelves are dressing up a little, changing their shapes and shifting to holiday flavors.

How to stay in control if you’re kooky for cookies? Consumer Reports offers this advice – start by knowing what 100 calories look like:

  • Pepperidge Farm Gingerman Cookies – 3.1
  • Nabisco Winter Oreos – 1.4
  • Bahlsen Pfeffernusse – 2.5
  • Sherwood Danish Delights – 2.4
  • Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies Candy – 1.5
  • Keebler Fudge Stripes – 1.4
  • Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Sugar Cookies – 1.8
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Stars Shortbread – 2.9

‘Tis the season for temptation, if you’re tracking your sweet intake, take stock of the cookies you eat.

For starters, three of Pepperidge Farm Gingerman Cookies plus a foot have a hundred calories.

And check out Nabisco Winter Oreos decked out in red, but the flavor is the same. About one and a half of these equal 100 calories.

For those of you who think pfeffernusse are nice, two and a half of the spicy little dome cookies from Bahlsen are 100 calories.

Butter cookies are classic and Sherwood Danish Delights tins are a familiar sight during the holidays. For a hundred calories you can eat about two and a third of them.

And it wouldn’t be the holidays without candy cane flavors. Consumer Reports checked out two popular minty cookies.

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies Candy Cane version layers chocolate and peppermint, about one and a half cookies come to 100 calories.

And 1.4 of these Keebler Fudge Stripes Peppermint cookies stack up to 100 calories.

A shortcut to decorating cookies? Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Sugar Cookies are all shaped like circles, but cute. A little less than two of these come to 100 calories.

And why settle for round when you can see stars? Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Stars Shortbread cookies have a certain sparkle. A little less than three of these make 100 calories. Enjoy them with a dipper of milk!

Consumer Reports dieticians advise that it’s fun and fine to indulge, but just control those portions.

Author: Consumer Reports
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