Before you fly, find out which airlines have the most delays at RSW

Traveling through Southwest Florida International Airport this month? You’re not the only one. More than 350,000 passengers come in and out of RSW in the month of December.

Some get to their destination, no problem. But for others – the odds are not in their favor.

There’s no bustle. No holiday cheer. There’s not much going on after 10 p.m. at RSW, “Not much to do here – you just sit and wait. Hopefully you bring some coffee or something to stay awake.” And if you are waiting to pick someone up flying in late from Newark, you better pack your patience.

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Jetblue is delayed more than any other flight heading to Fort Myers last December. On average it was 50 minutes late.

passengers catching the last flight to Newark didn’t fare any better. Jetblue’s 9:05 pm flight to newark was delayed last December more than any other departing flight. Passengers waited an average of 65 minutes to take off, and none of the delays to or from Newark had to do with extreme weather.

Dozens of departing and arriving flights were delayed last year on the 26th. More than any other day around christmas and new years.

But as they say, better late than never.

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Last year, the worst day for cancellation was nearly a week before Christmas on December 19th.

Most cancellations are due to weather, but Jetblue, Southwest and Spirit cancelled more flights in and out of RSW last year than any other.

And which airline has the worst rating for mishandled bags? That title also goes to Spirit.

And if you want to know your odds of getting home, or away, for the holidays on time use this tool from the Department of Transportation.

Most delays last December (RSW)

Day with most cancellations: December 19


Jetblue 1511 from Newark
Delayed at least 15 mins. 18 times last December: Average delay: 50 minutes
Arrives at 11:28 PM
Reason: Carrier Delay and/or National Air System Delay


JetBlue flight 1512 Newark
Delayed at least 15 mins 15 times last December
Average delay: 65 minutes
Departs at 9:19 PM
Reason: Carrier Delay and/or National Air System Delay

Most cancellations last December (RSW):

Arriving: Jetblue and Spirit (12 cancellations each)
Departing: Southwest and Spirit (17 cancellations each)

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