Seasonal UPS drivers delivering holiday packages in unmarked vehicles

Karen Virdinlia expected her packages would be delivered in time for Christmas.

But what she didn’t expect was for them to be delivered by an unfamiliar face driving a Sedan.

“I said ‘Hey, can I help you?’ and a gentleman jumped out of the car and said ‘I’m UPS, I’m delivering packages’ and I kinda looked at him kind of funny and said ‘Where is your truck?'” Virdinlia said.

The Naples resident says the delivery driver was wearing jeans, sneakers and didn’t have any credentials to prove he worked for UPS.

“Honestly I didn’t believe him,” Virdinlia said. “I told him ‘If you got to leave the packages, leave them right there, because I feel uncomfortable.'”

In an effort to deliver packages faster this holiday season, UPS says they hire 95 thousand seasonal employees to make sure more than 750 million packages are delivered on time.

Most of the employees use their own cars and are not required to wear familiar uniforms, the company said.

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