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Florida Sen. surveys voters on Daylight Saving Time bill

An hour ahead or an hour behind?

A Florida Senator who filed  bill SB 858 that would exempt the state from Daylight Saving Time is asking voters on Twitter whether they want Florida to have either Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time year-round.

Choosing Daylight Saving Time would mean later sunsets 12 months a year, and it would put most of Florida one hour ahead of other places in the Eastern Time Zone during the winter.

Choosing Standard Time would mean earlier sunsets and put most of Florida an hour behind Eastern Time most of the year — essentially putting it in line with the Central Time Zone.

The bill filed by state Sen. Greg Steube, a Republican who represents Sarasota County and western Charlotte County, would go into effect on January 1, 2019 if it becomes law. WINK News viewers voted 75-25 percent last week in favor of Steube’s bill.

It’s unclear how amending the bill would affect its timeline.

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