Woman accused of using tracking device to stalk ex-boyfriend

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WKMG) A woman is accused of planting a tracking device on her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle so she could stalk him for months, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim said Erica Capps, the mother of his 18-month-old child, would show up uninvited to places where he was, even though he never told her where he was, the report said.

During the first incident, on Sept. 18, the victim was visiting a friend in Altamonte Springs when he got a message from Capps telling him to go outside, according to authorities. Capps began yelling at the victim when he went outside because she was upset he was at a woman’s house.

On Oct. 18, the victim said he was at another friend’s home in Maitland when Capps showed up uninvited and initiated a verbal argument, according to the affidavit.

Deputies said at the end of October the victim was shopping at Best Buy in Sanford when Capps approached him and demanded to know who he was with and what he was doing.

The victim was at Walgreens in Altamonte Springs on Nov. 8 but then had to leave because he saw Capps approaching him, the report said. Capps followed the victim to his friend’s apartment and initiated a verbal argument, according to authorities.

Deputies said the victim contacted them on Tuesday to report the incidents after he found a GPS tracking device on his vehicle. He also said that Capps would message him screenshots of his locations and ask why he was there.

Capps was arrested Friday on a stalking charge. She has since been released from jail on bond under the condition that she have no contact with the victim.

Capps told News 6 on Monday that the incident was a “child custody case that got blown way out of proportion.”

“And that’s all going to be dropped because it’s a big misunderstanding. We’re actually going through a custody battle so that was definitely misconstrued by somebody, hence why I am no longer in jail at this time,” Capps said. “That’s all I have to say at this time, so that’s the story.”

Capps said she was worried about the safety of her young daughter while in her ex boyfriend’s care. She said the times she showed up, her ex was either with or supposed to be with their daughter and Capps said she was trying to protect the child.

Author: WKMG
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