Cape Coral ranks low on list of top cities for singles

CAPE CORAL, Fla. Looking for love in Cape Coral?

You have to look harder than you would in more than 150 U.S. cities included in a new study from Wallethub, which ranks Cape Coral just the 166th best city for singles.

Only 16 cities listed in the study fared worse.

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Wallethub looked at economic factors — like restaurant costs and movie ticket prices — and opportunities for fun and recreation — like nightlife and parks.

It also looks at “dating opportunities,” which includes factors like the percentage of people who are single, gender balance, and the number of people likely to use online and mobile dating apps.

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Cape Coral does well in the economics category, ranking fourth, but it’s dragged down by its dating opportunities score, which is only 177th.

The top city on the list in San Francisco, followed by Atlanta and Los Angeles. The highest-ranking Florida city is Tampa, at No. 11.

LINK: See the full rankings

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