Suspect disappears with Charlotte County woman’s therapy dog after Irma

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. Pamela Morse is desperate to get her therapy dog Mickey back.

Morse and her dog evacuated ahead of Hurricane Irma and on her way back to Charlotte County she befriended a woman she thought she could trust.

“She was very, very polite…she had a charm about her and so I ended up talking to her and I must’ve told her too many things and that’s my problem,” Morse said.

Morse said the woman on the bus told her she would watch her dog while she recovered from the storm.

“I was so distraught…I didn’t know what I was doing at that time,” Morse said.

Morse, who suffers from traumatic brain injury, left Mickey with the woman while she got off the bus to grab her suitcase, but when she returned the woman and her dog were out of sight.

“I never got to say goodbye to him and she never got back on the bus is what I was told,” Morse said.

Morse attempted to call the woman many times, but to no avail.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies told Morse this is a civil case and there’s not much they can do to help.

“It just…it just hurts,” Morse said.

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Posted by Kim Powell, WINK News on Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Reporter:Kim Powell
Writer:Katherine Viloria