WINK Weather Authority called Irma’s turn, landfall first

FORT MYERS, Fla. The WINK Weather Authority team gives you vital information first.

Chief Meteorologist Jim Farrell, Southwest Florida’s most experienced meteorologist, told viewers Hurricane Irma was turning toward them at 9:27 p.m. the night before landfall.

“Starting now, we can say that Hurricane Irma has begun the turn that is going to put it on a course for Southwest Florida.”

At 5:05 a.m. on the day the storm hit, WINK meteorologist Matt Devitt warned Marco Island residents they were in the storm’s sights — 10 and a half hours before landfall and six hours before any other station.

Devitt also predicted wind gusts around 140 mph nearby — hours before a 142 mph wind gust was recorded at Naples Municipal Airport.

Trust WINK News to stay with you as Southwest Florida recovers from Irma.