Photo via SeaWorld Orlando

Baby walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) A whiskered baby walrus has been born at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld officials said Tuesday that a 14-year-old walrus named Kaboodle gave birth June 3 at the Florida theme park. It’s Kaboodle’s first baby, and it’s the first walrus birth at SeaWorld Orlando.

The pair of flippered marine mammals is not currently on public display. The sex of the young walrus was not released.

Baby walrus with mother Kaboodle, born at SeaWorld Orlando. (Courtesy: SeaWorld Orlando)

Images posted online by SeaWorld showed the young walrus sporting a full mustache, just like its mother. Both male and female walruses have whiskers and tusks.

Park officials said the birth has thrilled its animal husbandry and veterinary teams, “especially when mom and calf vocalize with each other.”

Author: Associated Press
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