New videos show interviews between detectives and Diana Alvarez suspect

FORT MYERS, Fla. Jorge Guerrero, a suspect in the disappearance of 9-year-old Diana Alvarez, was calm when answering questions from detectives following his arrest.

Guerrero, who is accused of possessing child pornography, was named in an Amber Alert issued for Diana following her disappearance in May 2016.

Lewd pictures of Diana were found on Guerrero’s phone, which a judge recently ruled in favor of it being used in his trial. Guerrero’s attorney unsuccessfully argued that the phone was inadmissible due to it being password protected.

The phone was found by a landscaper after it was discarded on the side of a road.

In the videos, which were recorded on June 4, 2016 in Okeechobee, Guerrero told detectives why he tossed the cell phone.

“He said he waited about an hour and the cop never showed up,” an interpreter said for Guerrero.

Guerrero didn’t learn he was a suspect until a day before the interview.

“The (Guerrero’s) girlfriend sent him a picture on the phone saying that he was a suspect and that he had Diana,” the interpreter said.

A few hours later, Guerrero was arrested.

“I knew they were going to come for me,” he said through his interpreter.

Guerrero didn’t admit to having any connection with Diana’s disappearance, but said he knew he was going to be arrested.

“He’s saying before he was locked up, he went to the bank to take out money in case he would be in jail for a couple days,” the interpreter said.

He is expected back in federal court for trial in May.

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