Lovebug season arrives early in SWFL

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. Love is in the air, although it’s not quite as lovely as it sounds.

Lovebug season has arrived, which means windshields and car grilles throughout Southwest Florida will be covered with them.

“They kind of swarm and it’s a little gross,” said tourist Charlie Taylor.

Although lovebugs aren’t harmful, it’s important that motorists are aware of the damage these insects can inflict on vehicles, the Integrated Pest Management of Florida said.

If lovebugs are found on your vehicle, get it out of the sun and wash the insects off immediately, car wash experts said, because after 24 hours, their remains can permanently destroy the paint.

But lovebug season doesn’t last for long; their populations peak for a few weeks between April and May, as well as August and September.

Below are more tips for motorists from the IPF:

  • Drive at night: Lovebugs reach peak activity at 10 a.m. and stop flying at dusk.
  • Don’t speed: Driving slower will reduce the number of insects that will be splattered.
  • Protect the grille: A large screen placed in the front of the grille will keep the radiator fins from clogging and protect the finish on the front of the car. If a large screen isn’t available, a small screen can be placed behind the grille in front of the radiator.
  • Use baby oil:When lovebugs are abundant, motorists can spread a light film of baby oil over the front of the hood, above the windshield, and on the grille and bumper to make their removal easier.
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