Bikers raise money for Collier family who lost home in fire

NAPLES, Fla. Motorcyclists from throughout the county hosted a fundraiser Friday for the LeBuff family at the Naples Harley-Davidson on Livingston Road for Bike Night.

The family lost their home in a massive fire that burned 7,230 acres in and around the Picayune Strand State Forest. The home, built in 1970, was the first built on the street, which became known as LeBuff Road in honor of that distinction.

The event raised over $3,000 for Lawrence LeBuff and his family.

“The community is really stepping up, it’s amazing what they’re doing,” he said.

Firefighters and Florida Forestry service members who spent countless hours containing the fire also came to the event to show their support.

“They feel worse about it than we do, but they did a great job, a really great job,” LeBuff said.

Although the LeBuffs themselves aren’t motorcyclists, a family friend — who is a H.O.G. member — learned about their situation and decided to create a purpose behind the event.

“Bikers are a pretty generous community, especially when it’s a good cause like this,” said Naples Harley-Davidson marketing manager Ella Tabar.

The family plans to rebuild on the same street.

“It’s been our home for almost 50 years,” LeBuff said. “We have no care of leaving.”



Reporter:Olivia Mancino
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