Hotels, restaurants unleash dog-friendly dining

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The next time you head out for a night on the town, you may not have to leave your pet behind. More hotels and restaurants are catering to the four-legged clients, offering special pet menus.

When Tamara Waterston stays at The W Hotel, she splurges for her dogs and orders them a meal off the room service pet menu.

“I saw the pet menu. I was pretty excited; we were pretty jazzed about it,” she said.

Clinical veterinary nutritionist Dr. Martha Cline says going gourmet is okay occasionally, but don’t stray too far from you pet’s usual diet.

“Treats and table foods should not comprise more than about 10 percent of a dog’s calorie intake,” Dr. Cline said. “I think owners just have to be aware if their own dog has any dietary limitations, any issues in the past with gastro-sensitivity.”

If you have any concerns about the ingredients in a pet menu, be sure to ask the restaurant about it, especially if your pet has dietary restrictions or allergies.

Reporter:Therese O'Shea
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