Naples couple claims UPS damaged precious belongings during move

NAPLES, Fla. – An Ohio couple who recently moved to Naples says several of their boxes showed up on their doorstep completely damaged.

They say the boxes arrived in February and they’re still fighting with UPS about the ordeal.

The couple says they had big plans for their dream home in Naples until the busted boxes arrived.

“The China was going to go above the kitchen, pictures here, our little displays there,” Marcus Roberts explained.

Roberts and his wife, Sam, said they came home from a day at the beach and their boxes were left at their front door.

“I could literally see cut marks in the boxes, like someone had cut in them to see everything and then we brought them inside and there was the damage.”

However, it’s what was inside the boxes that is irreplaceable.

“Broken memoirs, heirlooms, destroyed personal items that are just in pieces, my wife’s grandmother’s things destroyed,” Roberts said.

The glasses they cheered with at their wedding is now covered in dirt and broken into pieces. They also say some items are missing, such as a Galaxy Tablet.

The Roberts say they got on the phone with UPS immediately who sent them a long list of instructions on what to do next.

“There’s a very long process and it’s a thin line where if you make a mistake on your claims you’re just out of luck.”

They sent all of their broken items to their corporate offices. Now so shattered–what was once about a half-dozen boxes, now fits in just two.

“And then they just shipped it all back to us, broken, no explanation, no nothing,” Roberts said.

UPS left them a voicemail on Friday just before 4 p.m. apologizing for the damages and asking for additional information regarding the situation.

The media representative with UPS did not want to issue a statement just yet but said their customer service operators are looking into it and they hope to have an answer soon.

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