Cape Coral bars fighting for extended hours

CAPE CORAL, Fla- Employees of Dixie Roadhouse are collecting signatures for a petition to keep the extended bar hours which may come to an end.

“It changed my life completely. We’re trying to fight hard to keep it going,” David Brantley, a bathroom valet at Dixie’s said.

Brantley says he as the first person the bar hired when they first opened in September 2011.

“As much as it changed my life in a positive direction, it could change my life equally in a negative direction,” Brantley explained. “All I’m asking you all to do is let me work just a couple more hours on the weekend, that’s all I’m asking you to do.”

Earlier this week, Cape City Council voted to end the extended bar hours. An increase in crime and the Cape Coral Police Department’s request for five more officers played major roles in swaying the vote.

Some say 2-4 a.m. is crucial for their business.

“We are handling it. I think the growth is a great thing and more revenue for the city and more revenue is a good thing,” General Manager Alan Lessard said.

“We have doubled our income since the 2-4 has come about. We make more money from 2-4 than we do from open-2 a.m.,” Brantley said.
Others say there will still be crime regardless of what time the bars close.

“Same thing’s happening at 4 o’clock that was happening at 2 o’clock,” Chad Gray said.

Lessard says he’s not sure what will happen if Saturday is their last 4 a.m. night.

“I don’t know, it’s a scary thought.”

City leaders are set to reconsider their vote on Monday evening at the city council meeting.


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