Easter craft decorations with A.C. Moore

Easter Egg Terrariums

  • Simply grab a glass container, candy or paper grass and a few things to make it your own. This is an awesome opportunity to get the family involved. Let the kids decorate eggs before adding them to your display and let your creativity shine by taking risks with the colors.
  • Adding glass wear is a super inexpensive way to dress up a display and this project was created with longevity in mind— feel free reuse for many Easters to come!

Cascade of Curls Wreath 

  • Grab a foam wreath frame, some ribbon, plastic eggs and any other seasonal supplies to make this project pop.
  • After you wrap the wreath in mesh and glue to secure– fold an 8” piece of ribbon in half, tie a knot and slip the loose ends through the loop around the frame. Repeat the process with the other colors and continue until you have your desired coverage.
  • At the end, we decorated the frame with plastic eggs and Easter bunnies to round out the seasonal look.

Easter Bunny Treat Jars 

  • All you need are mason jars, paint, ribbon, and vinyl stickers to recreate this look.
  • After you apply the sticker, add two coats of paint, and lace ribbon to top off the look.
  • Once you’re done, add treats, snacks or use your jars to create an Easter egg decoration station for the entire family to enjoy.
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