Weeks Fish Camp project developers change plans

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- What was supposed to be a brand new hot spot and destination for tourists, may now become yet another gated community in Bonita Springs.

“We are extremely disappointed in the shift of the focus of the development, to this type of development,” said Bonita Springs City Manager Carl Schwing.

Developers of the old “Weeks Fish Camp” have decided they want to build a gated condo complex.

“Certainly the community was very excited about the prospect of this becoming more of a resort, marina-type facility at a $100 million-plus developing cost. We were very excited by that… not so excited by what we’re seeing thus far,” said Schwing.

Residents in the area agree.

“It should never be allowed to happen, they should keep it to the public. It’s a great place, so it should be open to the public, no gated community,” said Estero resident Joe Patenaude.

The original plan included restaurants, bars, shops, volleyball courts, a marina and public water access.

“We have advised them that it is absolutely unacceptable to the city that there would not be public access to Estero Bay in some form or fashion and we’ve asked them to go back and rethink that,” said Schwing.

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