Call for Action gets stinky fridge replaced

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. – When a mysterious and foul odor popped up in a woman’s new $2,800 refrigerator, she made a “Call for Action” for help.

Part-time Bonita Springs resident and busy businesswoman Cindy Armstrong said she was tired of spending all her vacation time on the phone. She recently bought a suite of new appliances and one of them, the refrigerator, was not working properly. She said it was emitting a terrible and mysterious odor and she was going back and forth with GE, to get it fixed.

“I had a refrigerator, a brand new refrigerator, that I paid thousands of dollars for that I couldn’t use to store food in because the food took on the odor,” she explained. “And I couldn’t use the ice because the ice tasted like it and smelled like whatever the gassy odor was so it was a totally unusable, brand new refrigerator.”

She said each time she called GE about the problem, a technician was sent out and that technician could not find where the smell was coming from.

“They pulled it apart, to see if something was dead under it,” she said. “It smelled that bad.”

Not willing to give up, Armstrong said she scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed, using every type of cleaning product recommended by the company.

“At least seven times [I scrubbed the fridge down] and every time I called the [GE] Consumer Advocate department and every time they said they would call a person out. I had at least four technicians come out and they all recognized that it did smell very foul. They did not know where it was coming from and because they could not tell where it was broke, they refused to replace it under the warranty,” Armstrong said. “…The next course of action was to call WINK.”

After calling our WINK News Call for Action hotline, a volunteer was assigned to her case. Armstrong said shortly after, GE offered to replace her refrigerator.

“I was very surprised to hear that they [Call for Action] were volunteers because they took their jobs so very seriously and really, really wanted to help,” said Armstrong. “They are definitely in it to help. They are definitely in it to get results and they do. They most definitely did for me.”

We reached out to GE for a statement. They told us:

“We always strive to meet or exceed the consumers’ expectations when there is a product issue. In this case, we worked with the consumer to resolve her issue which led to replacing her refrigerator. “



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