Election officials warn votes could be in jeopardy of not being counted

NAPLES, Fla. – The Presidential primary is less than three months away, and your vote could be in jeopardy of not being counted because of your signature.

In 2014, 300 voters in Collier County received a letter saying their vote didn’t count because their signature on the ballot didn’t match their voter registration or driver’s license.

By law, election officials have to check each absentee ballot for voter fraud and make sure they match.

“We’re looking for the loops, swoops and swirls,” said Trish Robertson, Communications Coordinator with the Collier County Supervisor of Elections Office.

To get the word out, elections officials in the state are tweeting, posting, mailing even holding meetings to tell voters to verify their signature if they’re mailing in their ballot.

In Lee County, Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington, says there’s a reminder on their official election notification card that’s being sent out to voters soon. Collier County’s Supervisor of Elections, Jennifer Edwards put up a signature verification page on her website to make sure every vote gets counted.

“We don’t want to reject their ballot we want them participating and voicing their choice in all elections,” said Robertson.

There are several reasons why a signature may have changed including; an injury, using initials or a name change.

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