Escape rooms on Marco Island offer new form of entertainment

MARCO ISLAND, Fla.- A new game sweeping the nation has made its way to Southwest Florida.

It’s called an escape room.

People are locked inside a room, and the only way to get out is to find clues and solve puzzles. Xtreme Escape Rooms in Marco Island is the first place in Southwest Florida to offer the challenge.

Two to eight people are recommended to play. The more players, the more chances you have to get out in time. Each team is only given 60 minutes to escape.

Xtreme Escape Rooms offers three scenarios:

  • Teams must find the treasure before they have to walk the plank.
  • Find evidence in your cell that will exonerate you of a murder you didn’t commit.
  • Your team’s plane crashed in the Everglades and it’s your job to find the number for the rescue team.

There are lots of riddles, mind tricks & puzzles hidden in every room. You have to find codes and crack them as well as solve puzzles.

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