Cat reunited with owner seven years later

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A woman and her cat were reunited after seven years ago.

Trish Calvik said her cat, Millie, ran out the back door of their North Port home when she was just a year and a half old. Calvik had Millie microchipped but she never saw her cat again.

“I was left wondering what happened to her,” Calvik said. “Did she get hit, did she get hit by another animal, is she hurt, did she get adopted? You don’t know you keep wondering over the years.”

Then this week, Calvik got a call that her cat was at Gulf Coast Humane Society. Her first thought was, “she’s coming home!”

However, Millie was not wandering the streets for the last seven years. Jen Buffington with Gulf Coast Humane Society said a woman found Millie in the woods in Fort Myers and had taken her to a veterinarian. The vet checked to see if Millie had a microchip but did not find anything. So the woman took care of Millie for the last seven years until she had to move out of state this month and surrendered the cat.

“One of our techs checked all over for a microchip and found the microchip on the cat’s underbelly. Normally the microchips are between the shoulders,” Buffington explained. “We were able to contact the owner who was ecstatic…”

Buffington explained the chip must have moved from Millie’s neck to her belly and that was why the first veterinarian could not find the microchip.

Saturday, Millie and Calvik were reunited at Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Through tears, Calvik exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, she got big. Hi girl.”

Millie will also be reunited with her mom, Molly and brother, Mickey.

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