Chance Walsh’s mom being extradited to Sarasota County

NORTH PORT, Fla.- The mother of a missing North Port baby is being extradited from South Carolina to Sarasota County.

Chance Walsh’s mother, Kristen Bury, will arrive at the Sarasota County Jail sometime Friday night. U.S. Marshals picked Bury up on from the Jasper County Jail in South Carolina. Chance’s father, Joseph Walsh, remains in jail. Both are currently facing charges for child neglect.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Thursday the body of an infant believed to be Chance was found in a remote, wooded area near English Circle and Elliot Court. Medical examiners are now working to positively identify the body.

A Charlotte County dive team also searched the water off the El Jobean Fishing Pier Friday afternoon in connection with the baby’s disappearance.

Chance was last seen at his home on Sept. 9. Authorities say the couple told family members inconsistent stories about where the baby was.

Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight said Bury and Walsh are the only two suspects in Chance’s death at this time.

The memorial outside of his home on Orduna Drive continues to grow and many people from the community have been paying their respects.

“Chance is a fighter, he’s a lion. He’s tough,” Jessica Thomas said while laying down a stuffed animal lion at the memorial.

Thomas says even without knowing the family, she can’t help but cry.

“Baby Chance, your sweet little innocent life taken from you, now you are safe away from those evil people,” she said from a letter she wrote for Chance.

Bury and Walsh’s former roommate, Diane Wood, says they usually kept to themselves but were still heartbroken over the loss of their other baby, Duane, who tragically passed away last year.

“They were hoping Chance would resolve that, believe it or not. It’s crazy.”

Wood says Bury often complained that Chance was the complete opposite of Duane; he was fussy and cried a lot.

“Just from observing, the difference between Duane, they were never separated from him. He was the perfect baby, he was everything,” Wood said. “And then with Chance–I very seldom saw them with Chance.”

Now the entire community is mourning the loss of this sweet little baby.

“He was a sweet, lovable, innocent tiny baby that could not defend himself against his own parents, and that’s just devastating.”

Wood says Bury and Walsh told her they named him Chance so that he could have a chance at life

A memorial for Chance will be held Saturday, Oct. 17 from 7:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. at the Peace Christian Fellowship in North Port.

Author: morgan frances and kim powell
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