Community input wanted for future of Estero roads

ESTERO, Fla.- The future of Estero and its transportation are hot topics right now but Estero officials are pushing residents to not just complain, but to do something about it. Every five years the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) makes a list of projects that need to be addressed within the next 25 years. It may sound far off but one project can take 10-15 years of behind the scenes work before construction actually begins. That’s why officials are urging the community to show up and a have a say now.

“It’s pretty frustrating to get from one place to the next,” said Brian McNeal.

Nick Batos, Estero mayor says there are big transportation needs. The MPO released its preliminary plan which includes both the Corkscrew I-75 interchange and widening of Corkscrew Road–two areas that see the most problems.
“It’s the same thing as whether or not people come out and vote. If they don’t go out and vote then they can’t complain if they don’t like what they get. If they don’t come out and express their feelings about this and if we don’t get it, then they can’t complain,” said Batos.

Another potential issue is Williams Road next to the new Hertz headquarters. That project is not listed on the MPO plan. That’s where the mayor says the community input needs to come in.

“In government you try to establish what you believe is the most important thing but it’s really important that the community comes out and expresses their feelings so government understands that there is that sentiment within the community that these are necessary for them,” said Batos.

The public meeting will be held Tuesday, August 24th at 5 PM at the Estero Recreation Center.

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