Naples city dock needs repairs, council discusses rebuilding it

NAPLES, Fla. – More than 30 years of wear and tear is causing concerns about the city dock. City council is now trying to decide if it’s best to put more money into renovating or if it’s time to rebuild.

“I think it poses some risk hazards from people tripping, also getting on and off the boat.” Those are just some of Rick Fioretti’s concerns about the City Dock. He’s been a tenant there for 7 years, but now he’d like to see city council take action quickly and rebuild the dock.

“I think most of the docks in the area, are competing docks, have gone to floating docks either concrete or wooden based structure type docks. Where every time the tide moves the dock stays even with the boat, it allows for better tie ups, easier landings for boaters” said Fioretti.

“With all the band aids they put on this dock out here I think it’s overdue replacement and repair” said Larry Zebo.

The pilings that hold the dock together are weather worn, the wood underneath the dock is rusted and cracked and the ceiling is warped.

“It gets a little harder to stay on top of these issues all the time and were constantly spending money, fix, fix, fix, and is it time for a rebuild” said Dockmaster Roger Jacobsen,

“The expenses are always there so to avoid those everyday expenses you just fix it and your good for 30 years” said Zebo.

No formal decision was made by council on Monday.

Jacobsen tells WINK News rebuilding the dock would cost about $5 million and that money would not come from taxpayers.

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