GOP hopefuls share Florida stage for economic summit

ORLANDO, Fla. – Some of the biggest names in Republican politics gathered at Walt Disney World Tuesday to lay out their plans for the economy. It was all part of Governor Rick Scott’s Economic Growth Summit.

One after another, almost the entire field of GOP presidential hopefuls worked to win over an audience of potential voters and donors. The only standing ovation of the day was for one person who has yet to even announce his candidacy, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

“My intention is to run on my record and my ideas and run to try to win the presidency, not to make a point, not to have my voice heard,” Bush told the crowd.

But will others resonate in the state that’s decided both primaries and even the presidency?

“I thought Governor Bush and Senator Rubio would have a competitive advantage over anybody… but if I didn’t think I could compete, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

While every man had his own ideas for building business and getting Americans working, one thing was clear – Republicans are ready to take back the White House.

“We have one hell of a mess here in the United States,” said Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

“We’ve got to get back to that concept of how we trust our governors to come up with ideas,” said former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

“Every one of the candidates is far more qualified and would have been a better president than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton,” Bush told the crowd, to much applause.