Mystery behind gruesome cat killings solved

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- A mystery about the gruesome deaths of several cats in East Naples is solved.

Authorities confirm another animal killed the cats, calming fears that a person was responsible.

For the last month, seven cats were found cut up and dismembered and neighbors feared there was a cat killer running around their neighborhood.

“You have to trust that the professional forensics investigator did his or her job,” said Terry Bolle.

Collier County Domestic Animal Services released the results of necropsies done on the cats. They show, the cats were killed by another animal, not by a human.

“It explains that an animal didn’t take them after they were killed. It gives me more faith,” said Bolle.

The cats were people’s pets, not strays. The first cat found was Terry Bolle’s cat, Sophie.

“It had a fluffy tail. I was like ‘this looks like my cat!'”

Now she has more questions.

“Now, we would like to know what animal it was.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife is assisting with the investigation.