Study finds link between banning phones in schools, increased test scores

Do you want your children to do better in exams? A new study suggests you take away their smartphones.

The study by the London School of Economics found a link between banning smart phones in schools and increased test scores. It says students may actually perform better on tests if they don’t carry cell phone to class.

Researchers looked at how cell phone policies at 91 schools in England have changed since 2001.

They compared the information with results of national exams taken by students at the age of 16.

Researchers found that school test scores improved by 6 percent following a ban on phone use.

For underachieving students, average test scores went up 14 percent following a ban.
Researchers say the findings suggest some students may be distracted by having cell phones in class.

It’s important to note, however, researchers stress the findings don’t mean phones and other technology can’t be used to boost learning.

Author: cnn