Fitness Friday: The Plyometric platform

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Plyometric Platforms come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional (and heavy) solid wood boxes, to the more popular and convenient metal platforms you can find in most gyms.

This simple fitness tool can be used to both add a challenge to your existing workout routine, or to modify exercises for beginners.

WINK News Fitness Expert Mike Drumm is here today to take us through a total body workout using one of his favorite pieces of  equipment, the Plyometric Platform.

Like we talked about last week, varying your workout is a great way to keep things fresh, fun, and  exciting, as well as to continue to challenge your body in new ways. What I like about the Plyometric platform is I can use it with beginners, clients with limitations, as well as my advanced athletes.

When using your own body weight, even just stepping up onto the box creates a lot of resistance. This is a 18’ SPRI PLYO-BOX  made from heavy duty steel with the joints welded together, and a rubber top to prevent slipping.

Total Body Plyo Platform Workout

Platform Sit and Stand (Box Squat)

Stand in front of the box, feet shoulder width apart. Push your hips back and pretend you were sitting into a chair. Try Standing without using your hands. From here I usually transition into a body weight squat with fingers interlocked behind the head. Increasing tempo as I go.

Platform Push-Ups

Bring the floor “up” to you with an incline push-up! Place your hands on top of the plyo box, arms and extended so you are in a plank position, straight line from head to toe. Bending at your elbows, lowering your chest to the box, then press back up until arms are straight again. You can change your grip if you have wrist mobility or flexibility limitations and grasp the sides of the platform for a more neutral grip. Feet on top!

Platform Step-Ups

Stand in front of the box, feet shoulder-width apart. With your Right foot first, step up onto the platform and lift your body until both feet are on the platform. Step Back down, and repeat with the other foot.

Platform Dips

Sit on the platform facing away, take an over-hand grip outside of hip width. Lift your body up and out slightly, then lower down by bending at the elbow. The further your feet are from the platform, the more resistance you are working against. Keeping your elbows close to your body, reverse the movement and extend your arms, raising your body back up. You can vary your grip in the same way as the push-up.

Platform Jumps

Stand behind the box, feet shoulder-width apart. With your knees slightly bent, hop onto the box, both feet landing fully on the box, and stand up fully. Hop or step back down. Landing into a deep squat rapidly.

Platform Inverted Shoulder Press

Get into plank position, hands on the ground, shoulders over your hands, legs extended, body in a straight line, with feet placed on top of the box. Push your hips to the ceiling, keeping your waist above your shoulders for more resistance. Work up to Handstands, and Handstand Push-up

Platform Burpees

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart facing the platform, place your hands on the platfrom and hop your legs back to plank position, at the same time lowering your body into a push-up position. Hop your feet back toward your body, and jump up onto the box, stepping off.

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