Charlotte school district to build gas fueling station across from middle school

Published: April 15, 2015 6:57 PM EDT
CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- Safety versus savings; that’s the heated debate underway at Charlotte County School District.
The district wants to build a public natural gas fueling station across the street from Punta Gorda Middle School.
The CNG station is signed for a 50 year lease. It would be available to serve not just the county school buses, but private commercial fleets and local residents.
However, some parents fear the traffic the station will bring is just too dangerous for the kids.

“Those large fleet vehicles include dump trucks, semi trucks, garbage trucks,” said Tracy Frank.

“You can see the cars come right here, kids walk to and from the agricultural facility over here, trucks on this road along with kids it’s just a recipe for disaster,” said David Bogle.
However, Mike Riley with the Charlotte County School district says it’s not only safe for the students and the environment, but it’ll also save you some cash at home.