Was question too sexy for Collier County students?

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – Some Collier County parents are taking exception to a new pop-quiz vocabulary question some kids were told to answer.

Middle school students in Collier County may have been learning a little bit too much for their age after a racy practice test question during a vocabulary quiz has left parents baffled.

“The question involves a man making a donation to a sperm bank, it describes a man making the donation, it’s not appropriate for a sixth grader, certainly not appropriate for a collier county public education,” CCSD parent Doug Lewis said.

The question is as follows:

“He merely signed a waiver of anonymity, locked himself ina room with a cup and a sexy magazine,

and didn’t consider the emotional or genetic _____ for another thirty years.”




-or risks

The correct answer is “consequences.”

The business behind the question may not have considered the consequences this test question was going to have on their $26,000 per year contract with CCSD.

A school district spokesman said the contract with vocabulary.com has been terminated.

“It’s an inappropriate question, it absolutely is, so in the last several hours we’ve notified the vendor and inactivated our account with them,” said Greg Turchetta.

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