Lemon Bay Isles retirement community debates dangers of golf carts

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- Golf carts will soon be allowed on the street in a local retirement community.

While some people in Lemon Bay Isles are cheering the decision, others say the carts are just too dangerous.

“Our community is aging and we have a lot of activities in our community. We have dances, we have parties, we have the pool,” said Cheryl Miller, “many of them anymore aren’t able to drive.”

But will golf carts be a safe alternative? That’s what many Lemon Bay Isles residents asked commissioners to consider Tuesday.

“We did voice our opinion, we were able to do that. Again, my concerns are people not following rules,” said Sandy Godlewsky.

Commissioners approved the request to allow golf carts on the streets inside the community after many people, on both sides of the matter, gave their opinion.

Godlewsky says she’s seen firsthand the dangers of the vehicles.

“Being irresponsible with their golf carts, riding them at night with no lights on is not a good thing. Riding around in your golf carts speeding a little bit or drinking,” said Godlewsky.

Residents on the other side of the issue say allowing the golf carts will only make the community better.

“Allowing our senior citizens as they get older to have the ability to go to the club house, to the pool, to see their friends,” said Miller.

“We’re all retired, we just want to enjoy life. That’s what it’s all about,” said Valerie Johnson.

Opponents also say they’re concerned about the golf cart driving age which is 14. Commissioners say that’s not anything they can change because it’s a state statute.

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