Police: boy finds gun in Bonita Springs church

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- A mom called 911 over the weekend when her young son came home from church with a gun.

People at Gospel Baptist Church are reeling after learning the 9-year-old boy reported finding a gun in a men’s bathroom Sunday.

“My first reaction was shock that anybody would lose a weapon,” said Pastor William Lytell.

Pastor Lytell says a Lee County Sheriff’s deputy told him the weapon was taken home by the 9-year-old and given to his mother who immediately called authorities.

“For a bad situation, this is the best thing that could happen,” said Lytell.

If the gun turns out to belong to a church member, “then I will very specifically, and we as a church will very specifically, tell that individual not to ever carry a weapon at Gospel Baptist.”

The pastor says he doesn’t know the name of the boy who found the gun, but he’s just relieved nobody got hurt.

“Thirty-five years being here, I helped to start this church, and I never had anything like this. It’s a first,” said Lytell.

The church says it’s been told that it will take a few days for deputies to enter the weapon into evidence. Then the rightful owner can come, with proper documents, to identify the gun and possibly get it back.

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