Bait dog found in Lehigh Acres making slow recovery

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- A pit bull, likely used in dog fights, is making progress in her recovery.

Tuesday, veterinarians at the Gulf Coast Humane Society (GCHS) gave Sunset a fifty-fifty chance of making it through the night.

Looking into Sunset’s eyes, you can see just how innocent she is.

“Here is this gentle dog, that is eating out of my hand. To see her wounds and the old wounds, and to know that someone allowed her to get this way,” said GCHS Executive Director Jennifer Galloway.

Sunset was so dehydrated when she was brought in, that 24 hours later, she is still hooked up to an IV.

Things are now starting to look better.

Wednesday, Sunset stood up,walked around, and ate four cans of dog food.

Her fight for her life isn’t an easy one, but she’s not giving up.

“You know we are still in the critical stages right now with Sunset, so we are really looking for everyone’s support and prayer,” said Galloway.

The pit bull was found in Lehigh Acres Tuesday afternoon, then brought to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Volunteers believe she was a bait dog, used to train other dogs how to fight.

Galloway says that also means there are other dogs out there.

“This is a clear sign that there is dog fighting happening around here,” said Galloway.

“Nobody wants to believe that dog fighting is happening right here in our backyard,” said Lisa Wheeler.

Wheeler is part of the Pit Crew Rescue, an organization that rescues pit bulls out of shelters across Florida.

She knows all too well how this breed of animal is used in dog fighting.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services say they have investigated at least 29 cases of dog fighting since 2013, but no one was ever arrested.

In a statement, they say that’s because “organizers are savvy and continually move their operations.” They go on to say that “by the time law enforcement can arrive, they have already concluded the fight and have moved to another location.”

“I really would like our local law enforcement agencies to really help us get the word out there, that this is happening,” said Wheeler.

Sunset may just be one of the lucky ones, that was able to get out.

Wheeler says so many other dogs die during the fights, or are killed by their owners.

“It’s heart breaking, and it’s wrong, and it needs to stop,” said Wheeler.

A terrible crime, and it’s the animal that pays the painful price.

Sunset can use your help as part of her recovery. If you’d like to donate, visit Gulf Coast Humane Society’s Second Chance Fund page by clicking here.

Author: Andrew Scheinthal
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