Rejuvenating the Pelvic Floor

Rejuvenating the Pelvic Floor
March 18 , 2018
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The Yoga Sanctuary, Punta Gorda

Strong and supple pelvic floor muscles are essential for supporting the pelvic organs and maintaining control over their function. Over time, pelvic floor muscles can become weak and over-stretched, or alternatively, overly-tight and fatigued, resulting in incontinence, sexual dysfunction, back pain and prostate problems. The good news is that pelvic floor muscles can be rejuvenated through practice that balances strengthening them with relaxing them. In this workshop, students will learn the anatomy of the pelvic floor and its role in supporting organ function. They will practice targeted muscle strengthening and relaxing techniques, learn how pranayama (breath work) affects the functioning of this region, learn about the role that engaging mula bandha (root lock) in asana plays, and practice light asana geared toward re-establishing pelvic floor health.
Cost: $35
For more info please visit or call (941) 505-9642.

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