Florida Medical Cannabis Conference

March 28 , 2018
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Bellesear Resort, Naples

log onto www.flmedicannabis.com to register today.
Please join us as we say KNOW to Cannabis,
while increasing our community’s awareness and KNOWledge in making their own informed wellness choices.
The Florida Medical Cannabis Conference (FMCC) is a conference designed to provide a means to demonstrate why joining more than half of Americans in our mission in supporting the legalization of medical cannabis will directly save lives and impact the health and wellness of Florida residents.

This is a unique opportunity, under one roof, on one day, to participate in an educational forum with a panel of prominent community leaders, politicians, physicians, and industry experts, as they share their informative knowledge candidly by offering an interactive exhibitor tradeshow with medical consultations on site.
The vision of FMCC is to empower Florida residents in determining what treatments and possible natural alternatives will aid in their wellness destiny. Through education, community awareness, knowledge of protocols, we anticipate leading an industry, in its infancy, as it takes a few brave, bold visionaries to make it happen.
Our Story, Our Passion…Our Reason Why
Founders Jill Giles and Dawn Yarnell are lifelong best friends, business partners and advocates for education, health and healing. Both Jill and Dawn have twenty years of experience in healthcare and clinical program development.
In 2002 Jill was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Her symptoms were tolerable; joint pain and restlessness and were managed by a Rheumatologist. Often as close friends do, Dawn took on the management of the process as though it was her own. Over the years as her symptoms progressed Jill began seeking out specialists throughout Florida and was referred to a Neurologist for severe headaches and seizures and was then diagnosed with Lupus Cerebritis. It was at this time the hospital stays, ranging from 1-2 weeks at a time, began to increase. She was given a prognosis of 1-2 years to live. The impact on Jill’s quality of life was tremendous as it was for the people around her offering support. There were many days and nights Dawn had to rush Jill to the hospital and sit for hours with no real understanding of what was happening or what was to come. After about a year of difficulty managing symptoms and pain that was becoming intolerable, Jill began to see a pain specialist who prescribed two different narcotics to manage the pain. At first glance, this seemed like a blessing. Some relief seemed like a tremendous breakthrough. This was in conjunction with medications she was already prescribed. Jill worked a full-time position along side of Dawn who helped managed territories, family matters and aided as a strong support system. It was Dawn who first noticed the negative impact the pain medications were having on Jill overall. As the pain increased so did the medications. Professionally, Jill had climbed to the top of the corporate ladder as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a large medical company. Her performance began to decline, and her attention began to decrease. Driving became an issue, as her seizures made it impossible. There was chaos professionally, personally and even legally. There were car accidents, missed meetings, arguments that normally weren’t happening and with people she loved deeply. Her relationships began to suffer and her inability to maintain stability professionally and personally became obvious to many, who didn’t understand the why. Her tolerance with the pain meds had increased. She spoke with her Doctor and even asked the question, “am I getting addicted to these pills”… he explained that her illness was terminal and her prognosis was short, so, unfortunately, she would have to accept a life of these medications and to be certain she was not an addict. That was enough for her to hear, from a trusted source…her physician. As the tolerance increased the doctor would increase the dosage. The seizures increased, the flare-ups were not under control, the prednisone was causing anxiety and insomnia. Episodes of memory loss began to occur, there were often moments when she would loose significant amounts of time and have no memory of things that were said and done. She was making decisions that she would never have made otherwise. An overall feeling of defeat took over. Finally, she realized she felt betrayed by her doctor. This medication had nearly ruined her life, her relationships, her valued reputation as a person and a professional. Ironically, they were not treating the pain, they were treating an addiction. Life was literally feeling out of control and there was nothing within reach for her to control it.
Jill had reached rock bottom and had decided she had to accept her fate or take it into her own hands. She attempted to stop her pain medications and had no success. The withdraw symptoms were unbearable (she wasn’t even aware of what she was experiencing at first) and ultimately, she ended up right back on her medication. Finally, Jill was introduced to a new option for decreasing pain meds and overall pain management, medical marijuana. Her initial response was negative. She discussed it with Dawn, who was skeptical at first and concerned that maybe this was just a different outlet to cling to. Being the researcher Dawn is, she began to study and understand the benefits of healing. They discovered clinical trials and healthcare professionals in support. The research and fight to bring this option to Florida was overwhelming. Eventually the decision was made that it was the last alternative for changing Jill’s life. She stopped all pain meds at once… it was all or nothing. Initially she started a low dose of THC and CBD oils. The withdraw symptoms were minimal, almost nothing, more importantly she was able to cope. This regimen continued for over a week until she was completely free of pain medications. After about a month Jill noticed her weekly grand mal seizures had stopped. Her sleep began to become more regular and her overall feeling of defeat was diminishing. Jill eventually was able to decrease her steroids and started to come down on her seizure medications. Everyday she would feel an increase in overall health.
Jill is now off of 8 of her 9 medications. The pain has almost completely been relieved. Her primary method of treatment is CBD and manages her stronger flares, which are minimal, with THC only if needed. The ultimate success through this journey is the incredible reunion she has had with herself. The insecurities are gone, a feeling of freedom and happiness have replaced such defeat and sadness. She has regained confidence, motivation and overall health. Her disease has been in remission for a year. Jill often will exclaim how fantastic and happy she is. She has not experienced this kind of health in almost fifteen years.
Together Jill and Dawn battled this journey. As someone on the outside, Dawn struggled with how to help and cope with the decline she saw Jill take for many years. To watch a person you consider family fall apart before your eyes is equally as much of a struggle as the person dealing with the issue. As the two witnessed first how extraordinary the effects of the treatment had been they developed a sincere passion for spreading this alternative to others struggling. They began to develop an education model that would focus on patients, caregivers as well as practitioner’s. They have partnered with a team of equally passionate and health minded individuals and together this team brings a sensational program and clinic to Florida. Hilary Noyes, Conference Director, and Angie Quinn, Marketing Director, bring a skill set that adds extraordinary value to this platform. Dr. James Faremouth, Medical Director, adds the clinical expertise and passion for the industry and together this team have become your resource for health, healing and education and…. staying in the”KNOW”. This testimony of health, healing and life is what inspired Jill and Dawn to not only bring the same health and healing options to Florida, but to educate those suffering and loosing hope, to bring education and awareness to physicians and healthcare professionals and provide help coping to family members and caregivers. They are your resource for knowledge and an opportunity for a better quality of life.
We can’t wait to be part of your story!
Jill Giles and Dawn Yarnell
Founders of FMCC and Green Palms Health & Wellness

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