The Building Blocks for Creating Organizations with a Culture of Change Readiness

The Building Blocks for Creating Organizations with a Culture of Change Readiness
April 3 , 2018
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The TrainHR webinar is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider.

This webinar will discuss the 7 building blocks present in every change ready organization. We will discuss how they connect and how you can create those note present and reinforce those that are lacking the required strength.
Understanding how to prevent resistance to change and to avert employee stress and anxiety is only achieved through building resilience. Understanding the role leadership plays and the wider network of an organization including its change agents and more. This is about you building your organization to embrace change and prepare it for every dynamic transformation that arrives. Understand how to use the inner networks of your organization to make change happen with people.

Alleviate the concerns of future change initiatives being challenged or stumbling their way to delivery. When change readiness is instilled in the culture of an organization, the organization not only avoids the pains of change, but thrives on the opportunities of each new change.

Why should you Attend: We live in a business world of constant change. We are expected to adopt and adapt to every change that comes our way no matter how complex, challenging or transformative it may be. Are we ready for this challenge? Can you navigate a successful pathway through the maze of ever disruptive changes thrust upon you from all directions? If you don’t want your business to be left behind as others excel through change, you need to know how to build that foundational culture of change readiness. You must create a climate for change. You need to understand techniques to bring your organizations to the front of the change curve. You cannot afford the consequences of being change unready.

Areas Covered in the Session: The building blocks for creating organizations with a culture of change

Change Leadership?
Successful Communications
Building Resilience
Reducing Resistance
Change Agents
Continuous Learning
Strategic Alignment

Who Will Benefit:

Senior Directors of HR
Senior HR Managers
Learning & Development Managers
Chief Strategy Officers
Chief Operational Officers
Organizational Culture Specialists
HR Business Partners
Operational Delivery Managers

Rich is a very highly respected international change management professional with extensive experience delivering successful outcomes to engagements in business transformation, enterprise technology solutions and organizational restructures (including M&A) supported by extensive positive achievement in strategic human resources, executive leadership coaching, organizational development and operational excellence delivery.

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