Jogger Nicknamed ‘Mad Pooper’ On The Run In Colorado

September 19, 2017
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (WWJ) It certainly stinks, but a news story out of Colorado is making headlines nationwide due to its bizarre nature. Residents in a...

Trump slams Venezuela at UN; Maduro calls him ‘Hitler’

September 19, 2017
UNITED NATIONS (AP) President Donald Trump urged world leaders Tuesday to help restore "democracy and political freedoms" in Venezuela, singling out the South American...

Young immigrants shout down Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi

September 18, 2017
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been shouted down at a San Francisco event by young immigrants protesting her conversations...

Porsche plows into spectators at Idaho car show; 8 hurt

September 16, 2017
BOISE, Idaho (AP) A Porsche plowed into a crowd of spectators at a Boise, Idaho, car show, injuring at least eight in a...

Critics say sign language interpreter sent mixed message during Irma

September 16, 2017
MIAMI (CBSNewYork) Outrage was the response when a sign language interpreter in Florida botched the job of translating evacuation orders just before Hurricane Irma...

Crayola’s new color name draws criticism

September 15, 2017
(CNN) Color no one surprised: These days, even a new crayon name draws criticism. Crayola announced the name of a new blue crayon this week:...

Trump says London attack was by ‘loser terrorist’

September 15, 2017
LONDON (AP) President Donald Trump is calling a fire at a London subway station another attack "by a loser terrorist" and suggesting police there...

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli has bail revoked, heads to jail

September 13, 2017
NEW YORK (AP) A judge jailed former pharmaceuticals company CEO Martin Shkreli on Wednesday after finding that he violated his bail on a securities...

Helpful app to download during Hurricane Irma

September 9, 2017
FORT MYERS, Fla. Several apps like Zello can help Southwest Florida residents stay connected during Hurricane Irma.

Irma-interrupted trip becomes mystery ‘cruise to nowhere’

September 8, 2017
MIAMI (AP) When they first boarded the Norwegian Escape a week ago, passengers knew exactly where they were going. Now they have no idea. The...