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People in pain wonder why ‘money back guarantee’ not honored for light therapy

Mike Kinsman suffers from neuropathy, a painful condition affecting the nerves. "It feels like someone took Saran Wrap and wrapped it tight all the way...

Cancer patient forced to pay $125,000 when insurance denies coverage

Zachary Rizutto and his wife Melissa welcomed their daughter Roxanne a little less than a year ago. But just a few months after her...

Bonita Springs Floor Covering owner arrested for operating without a contractors license

The owner of a Bonita flooring company turned himself in to authorities and was arrested Thursday. Chris Pascale, owner of Bonita Springs Floor Covering, faces...

Animal rights group claims ‘illegal slaughterhouses’ operating in SWFL

An animal rights activist group released videos Thursday of what they claim is the worst case of alleged animal abuse in the United States. Animal...

Fort Myers tech-support company accused of deception in ‘tech-trap’ investigation

Just before 10 on an otherwise typical workday in May 2017, employees on the second flood of an office complex off Metro Parkway had...

Testing finds chemical additive in microwave popcorn

You may be getting more than just extra buttery flavor when you pop a quick and easy snack. The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) said it's...

‘The guy seemed legit’: Bonita woman warns about hiring unlicensed contractors

Hiring help in Florida can be tricky, especially when trying to figure out who needs to have a license to do the work. A Bonita...

Euthanasia drugs found in pet foods pulled from shelves

Pet food pulled from shelves because of a euthanasia drug are worrisome to owners. So how can you choose the right and safety food...

Victim in intentional HIV transmission case says stricter laws needed to protect women

It started as an online romance. Nicole Fiumara said a man in Illinois earned her trust as a kind-hearted soul who had struggled to...

Sexual Harassment Settlements Investigation

WINK News reporter Lauren Sweeney and forensic psychologist breaks down WINK's investigation into tax money paying off sexual harassment settlements.

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