Taylor Bisacky

Professional Experience

2016 to present: Reporter, WINK News.

Awards & Recognition

National college Emmy award for “Best Newscast.” Also elected as Penn State’s 2016 journalism graduation student marshal.

News Philosophy

“Storytelling is all about YOU. Each person has a unique story to tell and journalism done at its best should leave you feeling more informed, curious, or even inspired.”

Hobbies, Interests & Community Involvement

“I’m new to Florida but have always been a beach bum! I also enjoy fitness, cooking, surfing and snowboarding.”


Penn State University.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

“The people and all that Southwest Florida has to offer, including its outdoor adventures, beaches and sunshine!”


Jamison, Pa.



‘Oak Villages’ development in south Fort Myers raises concerns

South Fort Myers residents are concerned over a construction proposal that would force wildlife out and more neighbors in. The Oak Villages development would rezone...

Wild bear in Fort Myers neighborhood lured into trap with waffles & syrup

A black bear was captured after it was spotted wandering neighborhoods near Colonial Boulevard early Monday morning. The wild animal put the Grace Community School...

Downpour impacts FMB homeowners, construction project

For Kelly Warren, of Fort Myers Beach, the rain and flooding has made her backyard looks somewhat different. Warren said the newly formed pond has...

Could Amazon Alexa listen to your conversations?

Devices like the Amazon Echo were designed to make people's lives easier, but could they expose personal information? Alexa recently sent audio recordings of a...

Surveillance footage captures vandals smashing car windshield in Cape Coral

Surveillance cameras caught vandals armed with baseball bats smashing cars and mailboxes in Cape Coral. They can be seen rolling up in a truck and...

Man says city of Fort Myers demolished house he was turning into affordable housing

Debris and rubble are all that's left of Evan Graves' plans. "I'm upset with the city because I feel like the city is actually targeting...

FGCU team testing for micro-plastics in SWFL waters

Some can be seen by the naked eye, while others can only be viewed under a microscope. But plastic is polluting our waters—and our...

911 calls detail frantic moments at Zombicon shooting

In the frantic and chaotic moments after gunfire erupted at Zombicon in 2015, family members called 911 in a panic to find their loved...

SWFL residents react to increasing product prices

Southwest Florida residents are expressing their frustrations with the increasing price of various products. "I know that when i go into any of the stores...

Fort Myers Beach council green-lights resort hotel project

After almost three years, the Fort Myers Beach city council finally approved its most extensive and largest hotel project the city has ever seen....

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