Nicole Valdes

Professional Experience

2015 to present: Reporter, WINK News.

Awards & Recognition

Extensive coverage of the high-profile murder trial of Pedro Bravo earned “Best Long Hard News Feature” honor from the Associated Press. Also received “Best Breaking News” award from the Associated Press. A national winner of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence Award for “Best Breaking News.”

News Philosophy

“This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and even it can inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it’s nothing but wires and lights in a box.” – Edward R. Murrow.

Hobbies, Interests & Community Service

Spending time at the beach, the gym and on the couch with my main man Leo, my cat.


University of Florida.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

Taking in Southwest Florida’s water and sunshine year-round. And the beaches!


San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Interesting Fact

My Puerto Rican culture is a big part of my daily life. Holidays with the entire extended family (and I do mean extended!) always included lots of home-cooked rice, pork, pasteles and salsa dancing. After moving to Miami, my Puerto Rican heritage, mixed with my American upbringing, gave me a multi-cultural point of view, one that I strive to use everyday to truly tell the stories of the people in Southwest Florida.


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Army veteran overcomes debilitating injuries to help others

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Glo Germ shows the importance of washing your hands

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Many locals unhappy with new fee to park around Cape Harbour

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