Lindsey Sablan

Professional Experience

2014 to present: WINK News morning anchor. Previously worked at KMGH-TV in Denver, WSJV-TV in South Bend, Ind., and KOMU-TV in Columbia, Mo.

Hobbies, Interests & Community Service

Enjoys participating in marathons and  triathlons.


University of Missouri.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

As an island girl at heart, I’m thrilled to be back by the beach. While there are so many fantastic things about Southwest Florida, one of my favorites is Captiva, which holds a special place in my heart because that is where I celebrated my marriage.


I don’t have one. I’ve never lived anywhere longer than four years.


Husband and a baby due in Feb. 2016.

Memorable Assignments

Covering the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., and historic floods that destroyed parts of Colorado.

Interesting Fact

As the daughter of U.S. Navy parents, I’ve lived in 10 states, Guam and Sweden.


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