Allison Gormly

Professional Experience
Allison joined WINK News in March 2018.  As a consumer/ investigative reporter, she helps save viewers money and gets to the bottom of consumer wrongdoings!

Before WINK, Allison worked at WWOR’s Chasing News in NJ and NYC. Prior to that, she was an assistant at a news talent agency in NYC.

News Philosophy
Viewers are hard-working people juggling finances, family and everything in between. A journalist’s job is to give them a voice and arm them with the best information available. That means getting answers to their questions, making them aware of issues and helping them better understand their neighbors.

Memorable Assignments
Allison has covered prison rehabilitation efforts, veteran matters and political events. Some of her most memorable assignments include interviewing mothers with their babies in prison, 2016 presidential campaign events and the 2017 NFL Draft.

Hobbies & Interests
Trying new restaurants, exploring Florida and helping people out! In her downtime, she enjoys attending concerts and sporting events. Her favorite teams are the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs. She also considers herself an amateur detective thanks to crime podcasts and Nancy Drew books.

Likes best about Southwest Florida
The palm tree lined commute, people who live here, and beaches!

University of Scranton

Interesting Fact
Favorite Song: The Star-Spangled Banner


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